Rely on Us for Self-Pay Patient Account Management

What You Can Expect

Assistentcy operates on a philosophy of care. We deeply value our clients’ concerns and the needs of their patients. To us, your self-pay patient accounts are not just bills to collect on; they’re people who rely on the medical community to improve their lives. We recognize the role we play in their experience with your practice. This dual mindset of concern for all parties involved makes us the right choice for handling your extended business office (EBO) and early-out medical billing.

Our philosophies guide the services we provide to our clients and their patients and support our collaborative work culture. These driving forces set us apart from other EBOs as we build ongoing partnerships rather than serve as an anonymous third-party vendor.

Partner with Us

Our Client Philosophy

At Assistentcy, we:

  • Develop customized relationships with each of our clients. By employing a proactive and interactive approach to our partnerships, we can respond quickly and effectively to the changing needs of the medical industry to protect you and your bottom line from any negative effects.
  • Are adept at designing policies and procedures that allow both of us to work smoothly and collaboratively. We continuously identify ways to increase the efficiency of your processes to maximize your self-pay recoveries.
  • Devote our resources to maintain a successful relationship with all of our clients and to nurture positive impressions among their patients. Because we also serve your patients, our work directly affects your patient base. Our professionalism and high customer service standards ensure your patient never perceives a difference between us and the high quality medical care that you provide. Exercising a helpful, cooperative approach with your patients is ideal for every party in the medical transaction.
  • Comply with all federal, state, and local laws, including HIPAA, HIPAA 5010, and balance billing rules. Our staff prides itself on our ethical, lawful conduct.

Our Patient Philosophy

At Assistentcy, we…

  • Hold self-pay patients in high esteem. Every interaction with our clients’ patients requires kind language and tone. Respectful communication is the foundation upon which successful self-pay debt recovery is best achieved.
  • Are transparent about medical billing processes and timelines. As we focus on helping patients understand their balance due on their accounts, we must also prioritize politely conveying the importance of fulfilling their obligations to their medical provider.
  • Use our knowledge of the medical billing industry to assist patients in navigating health insurance issues, including re-submitting claims for insurance review and payment as needed.

Put Our Early-Out Strategies to Work for You