What An Extended Business Office (EBO) Can Do For You

Customized Strategic Debt Recovery Management

Assistentcy is an extended business office that acts on your behalf to recover self-pay medical bills before they become delinquent. The friendly and helpful customer-focused attention we give to your patients dramatically increases the potential for quick pay-offs.

We understand that the world of medical billing can be confusing and frustrating.

Our trained customer service representatives can guide your patients through the billing process and help them to identify next-steps they should take with their insurance companies. Your patients will see us as a resource in helping them pay off their medical debts, which ultimately helps you build positive relationships with the patients and the community you care for every day.

See how the benefits you receive by working with us get you extraordinary business results.

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Benefits of our

Extended Business Office

Higher deductible health insurance plans have burned the healthcare industry and medical providers. These high deductibles, when coupled with large co-payments, have created daunting self-pay balances for your patients to resolve. And without immediate and concentrated attention to these accounts, your organization’s cash flow will suffer because these balances are a vital portion of your revenue cycle.

Our Early-Out Program targets self-pay accounts to assist patients in fulfilling their medical bills through comfortable payment plans, ultimately increasing your early recoveries.

Assistentcy assumes the numerous overhead costs associated with self-pay debt recovery, including printed letters, postage, telephone calls, and staffing. Unlike other EBOs, Assistentcy takes on all credit card fees and will never pass them off to your hospital, physician enterprise, or private practice.

Your decision to work with Assistentcy should be painless. This includes referring your accounts to us for service. Our team will handle file transitions for you, no matter which electronic health record software you use, including Epic, Cerner, Meditech, and more. The transition will require very little effort from you, and our turnaround times are quick. We promise to make it as simple as possible.

Our extensive reporting options will accommodate your management needs during the duration of our partnership. Our cutting-edge reporting software compiles the precise metrics you require in the format you need. Then, you can use the data to analyze your internal processes, and gauge our overall performance and the success of our efforts. The complete statistical data you receive provides you with guidance on future important decisions about your revenue billing cycle.

Your human resources are already stretched thin. Assistentcy is here to remove this burden so your team can devote their time to other urgent operations tasks.

We provide a team of experienced medical billing professionals dedicated to helping you meet your financial goals while supporting your patients’ needs and billing concerns. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our trained staff works in-house and is in direct, daily contact with supervisors and management staff. We never participate in off-shore medical billing outsourcing.

At Assistentcy, we believe the best way to build strong relationships based on trust with your patients is through goodwill, cooperation, and education.

Too often, patients visit their healthcare providers without necessary documentation for proper billing to their third-party payer. Our staff members are trained to obtain this information for self-pay patient accounts and will forward copies of subscriber cards and data to you for accurate re-billing. In other instances, your patients may experience issues with their insurance provider or other third-party payer not properly processing their claims. Our representatives are specially-trained to guide them through the steps to get these claims successfully resolved.

Should we determine your patient qualifies for your financial assistance program to cover their medical bills, we will provide the necessary contact information to place plausible candidates in touch with your staff to support this process.

Assistentcy and its staff are well-versed in all areas of healthcare compliance. We follow all guidelines and requirements set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), ensuring the integrity of your patients’ personal health information (PHI) and electronic personal health information (ePHI).

Unfortunately, there will always be individuals who cannot or will not pay their medical bills in an EBO program. Assistentcy does not perform medical debt collections services, but we can assess issues of debt collection for you to help make the appropriate determination when necessary.

When an account reaches the age of default, as defined by your organization, we can quickly and easily transfer it to our third-party debt collection parent company, Kansas Counselors, Inc. While the decision to work with KCI is ultimately yours, most Assistentcy clients choose to utilize both services. Together with KCI, we can reach a high degree of familiarity and understanding of your organization, while quickly fulfilling your additional revenue cycle needs.

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