How We Work

Strategic Self-Pay Recovery
for Medical Facilities

Assistentcy serves as your extended billing office (EBO) to efficiently manage your
self-pay patient accounts. We are not a medical debt collections agency because
we do much more than that!
How We Work: We're different. Here's why

Our Early-Out Program was developed based on the decades of experience our leadership team had in dealing with both healthcare business offices and EBOs. Because we understand the unique perspective on both sides, we are able to identify procedures to enact to make our partnership with your practice, hospital, or physician enterprise a success. Our extended business office service provides the tremendous benefit of eliminating nearly all your expenses related to self-pay patient accounts and early-out medical billing, while substantially increasing your self-pay revenue using strategic debt recovery techniques.

By working with us as your EBO partner, you have an opportunity to benefit from our focus on settling self-pay patient accounts earlier in the revenue cycle. Our skills are especially important in today’s current culture of high-deductible health plans and increasing co-pay obligations. Despite the state of medical insurance,
you don’t have to accept slow-paying patient accounts or the escalation of write-offs to bad debt.

Our Approach to

Early-Out Medical Billing

Assistentcy takes a gentle, patient-centric approach to settling self-pay accounts. As part of our recovery strategy, we contact your patients both by telephone and letters sent through the mail. You determine how many letters and telephone calls are made based on your customized program. Our strategy includes placing calls on different days at different times to maximize the potential for successful communication.

Additional Resources

We Provide

For patients who are unable or won’t repay their patient accounts, your office can transition them directly to our advanced recovery program with no further delay through our affiliated company, Kansas Counselors, Inc. A receivables management company with nearly 60 years of experience in medical debt collection, KCI can seamlessly convert these accounts based on your practice or facility policies.

Masters of Medical Billing